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“I was so impressed with your energy, how you engage a group and how you get everyone thinking and working together in a really active way! 

- Christine Zaremba


I teach violin at Malungs folkhögskola 40%, sometimes I do festival workshops, folk music camps and you can also have violin lessons with me one on one, see below.

"With Magdalena as a teacher for a period, I had to work both concretely on a detailed level to try to find an awareness in my violin playing as well as abstractly with images, thoughts and feelings. Getting the tools to keep them both apart helped me find my way back to a curiosity about music, which in turn has meant a lot to my self-confidence and joy in it!" 

-Alice Evensen Landström

Private teaching

Main location: Stockholm
Lessons can also be arranged in

Örnsköldsvik, Malung and possibly in other cities.

1 lesson 750 sek

Package price 5 lessons 3 375 sek

Package price 10 lektioner 6 375 sek


Student 100% / low income (around 10 000:-/month)

1 lesson 550 sek

Package price 5 lessons 2 475 sek

Package price 10 lektioner 4 675 sek

1 lesson = 50 min

5 lessons = 10% rabatt

10 lessons = 15% rabatt

Prices are including VAT

(if you want the invoice without VAT send me an email)

I'm teaching in both Swedish

and English and I also teach online.

Contact me if you are interested, have questions or suggestions.


I also work as a violin teacher together with Adrian Jones and
Jonas Brandin at Malungs folkhögskola.

Apply to study folkmusic 100% for one or two semesters


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