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"A very important part of the ensemble is also the musician, Magdalena Eriksson, who plays guitar, violin, and most notably, with her voice (- - -) Jonas Bruns' lyrics about care sung with Magdalena Eriksson's upright voice that pierces through everything in the same way hearding call does."

- Östersunds Posten (lokal paper in Östersund) about the modern dance show Närheten, Riksteatern 2022

Note: "Riksteatern" is the name of a Swedish touring theatre organization

Hi and welcome to my website!

I am a violinist, fiddler, vocalist, musician, composer, and educator originally from Örnsköldsvik in northern Sweden. My musical foundation lies in Swedish traditional folk music, but I have also composed numerous contemporary pieces with folk influences. Currently,


I reside in Stockholm and serve as a guest artist with the Armand van Wijck Quartet, a modern Scandinavian Nordic jazz ensemble. In addition to performing, I offer private violin lessons and teach at Malungs folkhögskola in Dalarna.

Music has always been a family tradition for me. I grew up in a musical household and attended "Spelmansstämmor," a type of Swedish folk music festival rooted in participatory culture, every year. At a young age, my family formed a folk music band, and over the years, we performed at various events. Our most recent performance was a Christmas concert in 2019, which attracted over 400 attendees just before the COVID-19 pandemic began.

These days, I'm more and more exploring the world of improvisation. I frequently collaborate with my partner, Armand van Wijck, a chromatic harmonica jazz musician from Alblasserdam, Netherlands. Together, we live and work in central Stockholm.

Thank you for taking the time to learn more about me and my musical journey.

Would you like to get to know me?


In January 2024 I started to update my instagram profile more seriously. You're welcome to follow along!


During spring 2021 I created one video every friday for 25 weeks. The videos are filled with me playing violin, playing around in deep snow and me reflecting upon topics such as creating music. You really get to see my personality in these little videos and even though I'm talking Swedish I hope everyone who watch can enjoy!

I'm not active on YouTube in the same way anymore but you're very welcome to brows through my videos. 

Please leave comments, share and save my videos and posts on social media, that helps me a lot to reach out but most of all it gives me energy and makes me happy!

  • Youtube
  • Instagram



  • Grundsunda Cultural Scholarship 


  • DISTANSERZ, Folk mucis hero of the year, Folk and World Music Gala 


  • BJÄRAN, "Newcomer of the Year", Folk and World Music Gala 

  • National Fiddler", Zorn Badge in Silver


  • BJÄRAN, Young Folk Music Band of the Year


  • ALGOT DUO, Winner of the Imagine Festival, Brussels, Jeunesses Musicales

  • ALGOT DUO, Winner of Musik Direkt Sweden


Education/Chosen Projects/Employment


  • Violin Teacher, Malungs folkhögskola

  • Musician, Kulturhuset Stadsteatern "Temps Mort"


  • Musician, Riksteatern, Närheten

  • Musician, Eriksson & Van Wijck, Ångermanland Tour

  • Master's in Improvisation, University of Performing Arts and Music in Gothenburg (on pause)


  • Valfrid Rönnlund - A Fiddler Portrait, Musician / Project Manager


  • "Window tour" for elderly, Distanserz

  • World Music Course, Stensunds folkhögskola with Ale Möller



  • Pedagogical education for Musicians, Royal College of Music

  • Bachelor's in Music, Swedish Folk Music, Royal College of Music 



  • Musician / Composer / Narrator in "Fröken" (Miss), based on Sara Lidman's Hjortronlandet



  • North of Stockholm - Songs by Women, Musician / Project Manager



  • Algot duo - Musician / Composer / Project Manager

"Tradition is not the form to be imitated but the discipline that gives integrity to the new” 
Robert Jay Wolff, 1949 (via Susanne Rosenberg)

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